Evert Meilink

Evert Meilink, Gramsbergen, 1960, lives in Buitenpost. From 1979-1984 he studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, department of drawing / painting.

All my life, I have been keen on roaming the countryside. Wandering through fields and woodland and along hedgerows, I have come to love nature in its varied manifestations through the seasons and with its many denizens, especially the birds. Time and again it inspires me to capture my fresh impressions in paint on canvas. In doing so, I attach particular importance to dimensions and contrasts, to crossing lines – long and short, broad and narrow – and of course to light and shade.
A branch drooping at an angle from a tree that runs diagonally across the image. A bird, framed by an imaginary triangle or rectangle – invisible shapes contributing to the kind of equilibrium that one is always striving for. Every detail is subservient to the whole and thus aimed at heightening the viewer’s enjoyment.